Why do I need to fold in my mirrors?

At Soapy Joe's Car Wash, we prioritize safety. Folding in your mirrors before entering the wash tunnel is a necessary precaution for the following reasons:

  • Protrusion and Vulnerability: Side view mirrors extend outward from your vehicle's body, making them susceptible to potential entanglement with the cleaning cloth or other equipment during the wash process. By folding in your mirrors, you significantly reduce the risk of accidental contact and minimize the chance of any damage occurring.
  • Preventing Damage: In the event that a side view mirror becomes entangled with the cleaning cloth, there is a possibility of damage to the mirror or its mechanism. To avoid any potential inconvenience and costs associated with repair or replacement, we kindly request that you fold in your mirrors as a proactive measure.

By taking a moment to fold in your mirrors before entering our car wash, you contribute to maintaining the condition of your vehicle and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Please be aware that if your mirrors are not folded in and an incident occurs, we cannot be held responsible for any resulting damages. Washing your vehicle with the mirrors extended is done at your own risk.

While we recommend folding in the mirrors as a precautionary measure to prevent potential damage, we understand that some vehicles do not have this feature. If your vehicle does not have the capability to fold in the mirrors, you may proceed through the car wash at your own risk. Please note that Soapy Joe's Car Wash cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred to mirrors that were not folded in while inside the car wash tunnel. For additional information regarding our liability policy, please click here.

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